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Shakespeare d’Avril! is a festival where all can discover—and rediscover—the everlasting brilliance of Shakespeare’s works. It offers a variety of cultural events that are fun, inclusive, and accessible to all: connoisseurs and newcomers, young and old, able and disabled alike, everyone is welcome !

Shakespeare d’Avril! takes place in the city of Vincennes, well known for its tradition of culture and solidarity.

Shakespeare d’Avril! draws in the crowds: in April 2019, Irina Brook and Marie-Claude Pietragalla participated in the festival, and 2500 people attended 8 different events!

« As You Like It »
A « relaxed performance » a
t the Globe Theatre in London

In 2021, Shakespeare d’Avril ! centers around the figure of Henry V, on the eve of the 600th anniversary of the great King’s death at the Château de Vincennes. Several events—conferences, exhibitions, concerts— will be dedicated to him, and Kenneth Branagh’s movie will be shown in the Royal Chapel of the Château de Vincennes.

All are welcome at Shakespeare d’Avril !—parents with young children, actors and theatre-goers, people with disabilities, students, teenagers, journalists, school children, and all those who are simply curious… maybe even « curious, teenage students who have young children with disabilities! »

Click here for a short video about the festival. A version with subtitles will be available very soon!

« Shakespeare is not of an age, but for all time »

Ben Jonson, playwright and friend of Shakespeare’s

William Shakespeare
Chandos portrait, attributed to John Taylor (1610)

Shakespeare (1564-1616) is the most celebrated playwright in the world!

His plays have been translated more than 4,500 times. His main themes — power games, family dynamics, forbidden love —are as relevant today as they ever were.


All different, but all together !

compilation accessibilité

At Shakespeare d’Avril !  we work to provide each festival goer—whatever their situation—with at least one cultural offer. All the venues are accessible to people with limited mobility. Trained volunteers are present during the whole festival to ensure all guests are accommodated. Our team is there to make sure that everyone feels respected and welcome while enjoying the festival.

A Relaxed Performance of the show, DREAM !

Created and directed by Irina Brook
Shakespeare d’Avril ! 2019

Shakespeare d’Avril ! is unique in offering  Relaxed Performances, which provide a carefree environment so that everyone can enjoy the show and express their emotions freely.

During a Relaxed Performance, audience and artists are informed that the usual rules are relaxed: any differences are welcome, you can move freely and ask your neighbors questions during the show, and staff are there to offer assistance if needed.

A Relaxed Performance offers a carefree environment to welcome and reassure everyone, including people with autism, mental and physical disabilities, parents with young children as well as elderly people and their loved ones.


Marie-Pierre Dupagne


Marie-Pierre Dupagne, creator of the festival, lives in Vincennes. Studying and teaching English fuelled her passion for Shakespeare, and she has long been committed to making cultural events accessible to all.

The Organising Committee:
The « CAWDOR »

Our committee brings together people working in different fields : the theatre (Christina Batman), disability (Catherine Morhange), secondary education (Michèle Temime, Michèle Mazière), higher education (Catherine Mazodier, Angélique Guillerot-Malick – also a regional coordinator of the Prix Goncourt des lycéens), finance (Claire Bourdon, Eric Gicquiaux), and social protection (Christophe Lapierre).

30 Volunteers

30 enthusiastic volunteers also cooperate at every stage to smooth the way for everyone—organizers, artists and audience— to enjoy the festival.


Our Core Belief:

Experience Shakespeare once and you will love him forever!

Our Commitment:


The festival is made for all to enjoy. We offer quality cultural events that are sufficiently varied to allow everyone to discover/rediscover Shakespeare in their own way.

From the initial planning all the way to the completion of our festival, we are very careful to keep all types of visitors in mind so that no one is left out.

Our Values:

Humour, sharing, and respect.

The festival Shakespeare d’Avril ! is brought to you by:

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With the support of the City of Vincennes and in partnership with Ciné-ma différence / Relax